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“Dear Radio Free Asia broadcasters and announcers: Thank you very much. . .”

RFA’s impact is best measured by those who matter most:  listeners inside our target countries.  Many of our listeners today can become influential leaders and advocates for freedom.

Through RFA’s news broadcasts, blogs, and call-in shows, listeners are able to discuss and debate issues and events that currently lack a forum for dialogue. RFA’s listeners and webpage readers are able to interact with experts, academics, and each other, on issues ranging from health and education to the rule of law, free speech, and democracy. Here are some highlights of their messages to us:


Click here to read more comments from broadcast listeners and website readers about events that impact their lives and how we report on them.

If you are an RFA listener or reader and would like to send a comment, please write to us at:


This year, Radio Free Asia celebrates 15 years of bringing objective, accurate, and timely news to people in Asian countries that restrict free speech and free media.
While much has changed at RFA since we began in 1996, our mission has remained the same: to advance the principles of the fundamental right to the free-flow of information and the right to seek, receive, and impart information.
Please take a moment to explore this webpage where you can revisit important milestones, accomplishments, and moments from RFA’s early days to the present.
—Libby Liu, President of RFA

BBG resolution

On December 17, 2010 the Broadcasting Board of Governors passed this resolution celebrating and commemorating RFA's 15 years of impact broadcasting.

Click here to read the resolution (PDF)

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